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If you need a transport to Chile, TransHeroes® can do that for you in a variety of ways. Our specialists at TTS TransAir will quickly set up an air cargo to Chile for you, while our people at TTS TransOcean have a lot of experience with a sea cargo to Chile. This means that you can always count on the transport that best suits your shipment, so you never have to incur unnecessary costs. We will also take all additional activities out of your hands, such as taking care of all import and export declarations and other customs documents. It is not going to be any easier, any more reliable and any cheaper.

– Your transport to Chile at the lowest prices, regardless of the mode of transport.
– If speed is of the essence, we will take care of your air cargo to Chile.
– An efficient sea freight to Chile if price is the most important factor
– Always in possession of all customs documents, without having to make any effort yourself
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Air Freight to Chile

Do you have a shipment and need to arrive in Chile quickly? Then an air cargo to Chile from TTS TransAir is the best option. After all, you only need to make a phone call to allow us to carry out the entire logistics chain. From finding a reliable carrier to getting all the papers you need for your air transport to Chile. And because we have a global network, we are not only able to work very quickly, but also at the lowest rates. An air transport, for example, is very attractive this way.

Sea freight to Chile

If you want to transport a special cargo or if low transport costs are very important to you, then we will gladly provide you with TTS TransOcean with a sea freight to Chile. For example, if you have a large shipment, we can reserve a full sea container (FCL transport) for you. But if the shipment is smaller, we combine it with others so that you can enjoy efficient LCL or groupage transport. In this way, costs will always be kept as low as possible, while the reliability of your container transport to Chile will not be compromised.

Transport Chili


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