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Customs documents difficult? Not for TransHeroes

When importing or exporting goods outside the European Union, you cannot ignore it; Customs documents. For example, if you import goods from China, you must submit an import declaration to customs. After you have paid the import duties and VAT, you can bring the goods into “free circulation”, as it is called. If you export goods to Turkey, for example, you must submit an export declaration. Customs will then know that the goods will leave the European Union.

Incoterms 2020 Incoterms 2020

Find out everything about the latest version of the Incoterms, namely that of 2020. Here we answer questions such as; What are Incoterms and why are they important?

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Customs rates Customs rates

Curious about our rates for drawing up an export declaration or CvO, for example? View more about the rates we use here.

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Not everyday work for every company

The world of customs does not stand still, the constantly changing regulations do not make it any easier. The preparation of import or export declarations is therefore not an everyday occurrence for every company. We at TransHeroes are happy to help with this. Our customs declarants do nothing but make customs declarations all day long. They know the regulations and what you have to comply with when it comes to importing or exporting goods. They can also advise you on export documents such as a EUR.1 document or ATR certificate.

What are export documents?

If you do business internationally, you will have to deal with export documents. There are many types of export documents that are used for different purposes. Usually the customer abroad asks for certain export documents to save on the import duties in his country. This is because the government abroad has then made trade agreements with, for example, Europe. The recipient abroad must then be able to demonstrate where the goods come from and/or were produced. The export documents serve this purpose. Customs may also ask for certain export documents if you are going to export goods. We prepare various types of export documents.

How does an export declaration work?

If you sell goods to a customer outside the EU, you must prepare an export declaration. You can do this yourself if you have suitable software for it, but it is often outsourced to the carrier or customs agent. We are an AEO certified Customs Forwarder. We can therefore prepare the export declaration for you. We do this completely digitally and is sent automatically via a link with Customs. We then receive almost immediate feedback from Customs, in which 3 variants can be distinguished:

  • The declaration has fallen WHITE: the declaration is immediately approved and you can transport the goods.
  • The declaration has fallen ORANGE: the declaration is not yet completely approved, additional data must be sent. For example, an export invoice. Customs will reassess the documents. The goods may not yet be transported immediately.
  • The declaration has fallen RED: Customs is coming to inspect the goods. When the export declaration is made, the location of the goods is indicated, where Customs comes to check the goods.

Customs checks less often for Export declarations than for Import declarations. Because we have AEO status, Customs checks even less often.

How does an import declaration work?

If you want to import goods from a country outside the EU, you must declare the goods to Customs if they want to end up in free circulation. For example: you import goods from Russia. The goods are transported from Moscow by truck to your warehouse. When the goods have arrived there, we can submit the import declaration to Customs. We will then digitally send in the import declaration, which contains, among other things, the details of the shipment and the place where the goods are now. Import duties must also be paid immediately. We then receive almost immediately feedback from Customs with one of the following notifications:

  • The declaration has been submitted WHITE: the declaration is immediately approved, the declarant receives a UTB (Invitation to Payment) and there is a statement “Indefinite Verification” and the amount owed in taxes. If you use our services, we will advance these taxes for you shortly and then pass them on to you.
  • The declaration has fallen ORANGE: the declaration is not yet completely approved, additional data must be sent. For example, the invoice or other documents. Customs checks this again and then determines whether the goods are WHITE or RED. During the Orange status, the goods are not yet at your free disposal.
  • The declaration has fallen RED: Customs will perform a physical check, so they come to the place described in the declaration and check whether everything is correct. For example, they can take samples, count the packages and check whether you have really stated what you have actually stated on your import declaration.

Take advantage of our advantages

Everything around your transport arranged by one party

Our customs specialists can take care of all the customs documents you need. Whether it concerns an import declaration or an ATR certificate. Our specialists take care of your customs documents quickly and cheaply. With us you have your export declarations under control quickly and certainly. This means you no longer have to go to the Chamber of Commerce for export documents. All this ensures that you do not experience any delays with your transports.

Take advantage of our advantages
AEO certified

AEO certified

Our customs department is AEO certified

Our customs department is AEO certified. This certificate ensures that we are checked less, so that your shipment is not unnecessarily delayed. This certificate also guarantees that you are doing business with a reliable party!

Don't pay too much and let an experienced declarant assist you

Easily and quickly arranged by one of our specialists

Our customs declarants still often encounter the unnecessary and excessive payment of import duties because the importing companies do not have the correct documentation. Let one of our declarants assist you in a timely manner, who will not only take care of the digital declaration for you, but can also advise you. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also a lot of annoyance.

Don't pay too much and let an experienced declarant assist you
One partner in your logistics process

One partner in your logistics process

Contact one of our specialists quickly

TransHeroes does more than just prepare an export declaration for you. With the same ease, we also arrange the transport of the goods, store them for you or pack them in other quantities. Our Value Added Logistics services combined with the distribution of your goods ensure that you can accommodate everything under one reliable roof. You can outsource the entire logistics chain to TransHeroes. You are sure to be in touch with people who know what they are talking about. A nice thought. Do you want to know more? Contact one of our customs brokers quickly and they will help you immediately with your customs or import/export question. Do you also want to outsource your customs documents to TransHeroes? Then simply request a quote!

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