Certificate of origin

Certificate of origin

The important Certificate of Origin is used to indicate the origin of the goods. TransHeroes can prepare this certificate quickly and cost-effectively for you.

Certificate of origin

The Certificate of Origin shows where the goods were produced. If you are going to deliver goods to a company outside the European Union, this certificate is often an obligation. It differs per country whether this certificate is an obligation or not. Usually countries require this to conduct trade policy or to boycott certain products or even countries.

A CoC is therefore an important document when you are going to export outside the EU. If this document is not drawn up or is incorrectly drawn up, it is possible that the goods will be refused at the customs of the relevant country. That is why it is wise to have this certificate drawn up by a specialist. TransHeroes has a direct software link with the Chamber of Commerce and can therefore quickly prepare the Certificate of Origin. It is also possible to purchase the software yourself and to make the application yourself at the Chamber of Commerce. Please note, there are costs associated with the software.

Fast and affordable CvO

Our customs department is busy applying for CoOs for our customers on a daily basis. We therefore also have a direct software link with the Chamber of Commerce. This allows us to apply for a Certificate of Origin quickly and therefore cheaply. This means you do not have to purchase an expensive software package and gain knowledge about the application process. We will request the certificate for you and ensure that it is completely in order.

What is the advantage of TransHeroes?

Because we can take care of more than just customs clearance for you, you can outsource your entire logistics process to 1 party. You can arrange all shipments quickly and easily in our TransPortal. This way you can immediately calculate the price for your road transport, you can track the location of your sea freight container live and book your air freight shipment today. Our customs department ensures that all necessary documents are drawn up. So when we arrange your transport and customs clearance, we can easily ensure internally that your shipment is not unnecessarily delayed.

Can I see the rates for customs documents somewhere?

Yes you can! As one of the few, we show all prices for customs clearance on our website. Please note that these are our standard rates. The customs declarant can charge a one-off €25 administration fee. We can offer a volume discount for larger volumes.

Specialist in Certificate of Origin

Thanks to our internal customs department, we can safely say that drawing up a Certificate of Origin is not an afterthought. Our customs specialists take care of the CoOs for many different companies every week.

Specialist in Certificate of Origin
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