Taking care of customs clearance, export documents or, for example, drawing up a Certificate of Origin. Our internal customs department can prepare these types of documents quickly and easily. Even if you are only looking for customs clearance, they will help you further.

Customs documents difficult? Not for TransHeroes

When importing or exporting goods outside the European Union, you cannot ignore it; Customs documents. For example, if you import goods from China, you must submit an import declaration to customs. After you have paid the import duties and VAT, you can bring the goods into “free circulation”, as it is called. If you export goods to Turkey, for example, you must submit an export declaration. Customs will then know that the goods will leave the European Union.

For TransHeroes it's daily work

The world of customs does not stand still, the constantly changing regulations do not make it any easier. The preparation of import or export declarations is therefore not an everyday occurrence for every company. We are happy to help with this at TransHeroes®. Our customs declarants do nothing but make customs declarations all day long. They know the regulations and what you have to comply with when it comes to importing or exporting goods. They can also advise you on export documents such as a EUR.1 document or ATR certificate.

At TransHeroes you benefit from the following benefits:

  • Get your import or export declarations under control quickly and securely
  • AEO certified
  • No more going to the Chamber of Commerce for export documents
  • No more delays with your transports
  • Fixed contacts
  • Very competitive rates

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From single documents to multiple documents per week

Don't pay too much and let an experienced declarant assist you

Our customs declarants still often encounter the unnecessary and excessive payment of import duties because the importing companies do not have the correct documentation. Let one of our declarants assist you in a timely manner, who will not only take care of the fully digital declaration for you, but can also advise you. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also a lot of annoyance.

For example, our customs department is also AEO certified, so you have a guarantee of high quality for fair prices. This also ensures that you are doing business with a reliable partner. Feel free to ask one of our specialists for any benefits or additional information about our AEO certification.

One partner in your logistics process

TransHeroes does more than just prepare an export declaration for you. We also arrange the transport of the goods with the same ease. TransHeroes has its own department for all modalities. For example, we have a road transport, air freight, sea freight and rail transport department. The entire logistics chain can therefore be accommodated at TransHeroes. You are sure to be in touch with people who know what they are talking about. And that's a nice thought.

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