More than just transportation from A to B, TransHeroes takes care of you completely!

Specialist since 1986

Since 1986 TransHeroes has been the one to take care of your entire logistics process. From standard shipments from A to B to complex shipments including full customs clearance. Our specialists ensure that your goods arrive at their destination quickly and cost-effectively. In the TransPortal you can easily request quotes, track your shipments, chat live with your contact person and view all documentation.

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The Terms and Conditions off TransHeroes

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Customs Customs

Taking care of customs clearance, export documents or, for example, drawing up a Certificate of Origin. Our internal customs department can prepare these types of documents quickly and easily. Even if you are only looking for customs clearance, they will help you further.

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Air Freight Air Freight

Our air freight department focuses on the import and export of shipments by air freight. Our air freight department is an IATA approved air freight agent. As a result, we do business directly with airlines and you are guaranteed a reliable partner.

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Road Transport Road Transport

Specialized in road transport within and outside Europe since 1986. With more than 15 road transport specialists divided into different teams, you are guaranteed a specialist for your specific destination.

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Courier Service Courier Service

Express transport and courier services throughout Europe. When your goods need to be delivered quickly, our courier service is the right solution. From a few boxes to several pallets are possible.

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Rail Transport Rail Transport

Rail transport from China and the Far East is becoming increasingly common. Rail transport is a good alternative to sea and air freight. Rail transport is faster than sea freight and cheaper than air freight. Rail transport is a good solution, depending on the costs and speed with which your goods must reach their destination.

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Container transport Container transport

Daily container services to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp. Both by road and by inland shipping. Ask our specialists for the best solution for you.

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Sea Freight Sea Freight

A department only for sea freight shipments, a portal to book and track your sea freight shipment & several specialists who can speak to you personally. That is the strength of our sea freight department to import or export your containers inexpensively and above all easily.

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