At TransHeroes® you can not only get all types of transport, we also arrange everything that comes with it. This way you can come to us for a road transport, air freight, ocean freight or even a rail transport, but we can also take care of customs and warehousing matters. We simply arrange the best type of transport for you, and we also manage all customs documents and storage where necessary.

By employing specialists for the various forms of transport, you are assured of quality. Because of our own customs department, we can take the entire process out of our hands.

Road Transport

A truck is more flexible than a boat, plane or train. As a result, it can be more economical to use a road transport for relatively short distances. Even if it concerns an air cargo or ocean freight, in many cases it will be preceded by road transport, because a cargo must first come to a port or airport. The logistic heroes from TransHeroes are the right partner for any kind of road transport by truck.

Courier Service

Do you have an urgent shipment? TransUrgent will deliver a quotation within just 30 minutes of request. Thanks to our large network within Europe, we can have your shipment at your destination in no time. Moreover, you only pay us an ‘one-way’ rate, because we take care of the return journey ourselves, which is unique in the world of courier services!

Air Freight

An airplane can reach almost any place in the world at lightning speed. So it’s not surprising that TransHeroes® air freight specialists are working every day of the week to create smooth air freight solutions for their clients.

With an air freight, more peripheral issues come to look than you might think at first glance. That is why our specialists take care of all peripheral issues such as complicated customs documents. Thanks to our many certificates and authorisations, TransHeroes can work with short communication lines and even more competitive rates.

Ocean or Sea Freight

Are you less in hurry with your transport? Then TTS TransOcean has a perfect solution for you. Because TTS TransOcean has all the necessary specialisms, permits and certificates in house, you have no worries about your transport. Everything is regulated down to the last detail and at very competitive rates. Whatever type of shipment is involved, we can arrange it for you. Either an FCL or LCL cargo.

Rail Transport

The middle course of sea freight and air freight. Where air cargo is very fast, and sea freight cheap, rail transport is in between. It is cheaper than an air freight and faster than a sea freight. Because a lot of customs documents are also required for transport by train, we can take all this out of your hands. After all, it is quite complex, such a rail transport.

Container Transport

A container transport can form the basis of an enormous process. Fortunately, you can leave everything to the TransHeroes® specialists. Because there are many other possibilities and because transport takes place in all shapes and sizes, it can become very confusing. However, due to the expertise and knowledge of all trade names within the TransHeroes Smart Logistics Group, we always know what the perfect type of transport is for your shipment. For example, we supply container transport by road, sea freight and even rail transport for your container transport.


Logistics services involve more than just transporting goods. That is why TransHeroes has its own warehouse where everything is arranged before, and where necessary, after your transport. In this warehouse, more is done than just the (temporary) storage of goods. TransHeroes® delivers value-added logistics, all according to your wishes! Our activities include:

  • Stickering and labelling
  • Storage and transhipment of goods
  • Stock management
  • Value Added Logistics
  • Physical distribution
  • Food, Feed and organic storage


Saving cost and time thanks to our own customs department. Because there is often much more involved with international transport, you can be faced with annoying surprises. That’s why TransHeroes® has the necessary expertise and experience in-house and we can take all the work out of your hands and you no longer have to worry about your shipment. Whether it is an air freight, sea freight, rail transport or road transport, all documents are taken care of. We take care of an import declaration, export declaration and all other documents required for your transport. Furthermore we are a certified fiscal representation for your company in the Netherlands.




We can call ourselves a reliable supply chain director.

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