A special air freight shipment!

TransHeroes has received a very special request here! We have been asked to transport mixers from an American company to a large and well-known Belgian pharmaceutical company. The mixers were transported by KLM from Chicago O'hare to Amsterdam Schiphol. Because it is a crucial and important product, the shipment had to meet very strict requirements. Thanks to the expertise of our air freight and customs specialists, this was fortunately not a problem.

The challenge

The biggest challenge for this transport was the very strict requirements that had to be met. Because the goods are destined for a pharmaceutical company, additional quality requirements were involved. Our internal customs department ensured that all necessary documents were present.

Customs documents prepared
Airfreight shipment

By air freight and road transport

We brought the mixers from the United States to the Netherlands by means of an air freight shipment. The mixers were transported from Amsterdam by road transport to their final destination in Belgium. A nice case where we made use of our air freight, sea freight and customs department!

The specialists of this mission

These specialists ensured that the shipment went smoothly. Good cooperation between the different departments!

Michel Vollenbroek
Michel Vollenbroek
Forwarding Specialist Airfreight

By now he already has several years of experience in air freight and that is why Michel can easily advise you about the possibilities. Coincidentally, just like his air freight partner Christiaan, he has a background in chemistry...

Christiaan van der Hout
Christiaan van der Hout
Forwarding Manager Airfreight

Knows the IATA codes of many airports in the world by heart. Christiaan also arranges worldwide air freight within TransHeroes.

Tom Lansink
Tom Lansink
Senior Customs Manager & Teamleader

Customs expert par excellence. Know everything about VAT, import duties, fiscal representation and more boring customs stuff. Internally referred to as CusTOM.

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