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One partner for every logistical challenge. Fixed contactpersons and all passion for transport and logistics. That’s TransHeroes® in a nutshell. Our slogan is not without a reason: “We are what you need”.

As the parent company of various business units that have specialised in their own parts of the logistics chain, TransHeroes® stands out from the competition. Specialists who are all good at their job, covered by a single organisation. A logistics family of specialised team members who do everything possible to fulfill your agreements every day.

Financially healthy and rapidly growing

TransHeroes® is a healthy company and has experienced rapid growth in recent years. To this end, the company or its operating companies have been rewarded with several FD Gazellen Awards and High Growth Awards. In 2015, the company (then still under the name of ATB Group B. V.) even received an award for the fastest growing company of Overijssel. We are quite proud of this in the traditional logistics market.

Various business units

What can we do for you? Our services are not provided by TransHeroes® but by one of its operating companies. The following overview shows who does what within TransHeroes®? Smart Logistics Group.

BTA International
transport portugal spainBTA International – Spain and Portugal Transport

If you have transport to/from Spain or Portugal, there is no need to search any further. BTA International is your partner. Founded in 1993 and fully specialized in transportation from and to the south of Europe. 1 Pallet to special transport, does it come from somewehere in Europe and will it go to Spain or Portugal then BTA International is your answer.  Read more about BTA International here.



tts quality logistics

TTS Quality Logistics | Transport | Warehousing | Customs


Founded in 1986 as Transport Team Salland in Holten, the company has developed over the past 3 decades into a major player in road transport and distribution in Europe and far beyond. For example, under the TTS flag lorries arrive in Mongolia and Kazakhstan. In the early 1990s, the construction of an own warehouse started with the storage activities, which has now grown to more than 30,000m2 capacity. Storage and transshipment, Value Added Logistics, Stock management and all other activities such as tagging, labelling and repacking of goods are part of the tasks. In addition, TTS has its own AEO-S and AEO-C certified customs department, which is fully dedicated to the layout of import and export documents. Import declarations, export documents and matters such as fiscal representation are everyday activities. The Customs department also assists other companies within TransHeroes® in the areas of customs and import/export. Want to know more? Click here.


spoedtransport transurgent
TTS TransUrgent® | Urgent & Express Transport

As the name suggests, TTS TransUrgent® is fully specialized in urgent transport. As an international courier service our couriers travel throughout Europe. Founded in 2015 to meet the growing demand for urgent and fast transport. No destination is too crazy. Our couriers do not only travel from the Netherlands abroad, but also between European countries themselves. And the nice thing is, you only pay for the kilometres we drive on board with your shipment. We take care of the next load or return freight ourselves. This way you can be sure that you never pay too much. Read more about TTS TransUrgent®.


luchtvracht transair
TTS TransAir® | Worldwide Air Freight

Our airfreight department, under the name of TTS TransAir®, was established in 2016. Within the TransHeroes® Smart Logistics Group, TTS TransAir® has experienced stormy developments recently. As an IATA member, TTS TransAir® deals directly with all major airlines. Knowledge of things and complete guidance of your air transport from door to door. Whether your shipment needs to be shipped to Australia or imported from China. Our air freight forwarders arrange it! Want to know more about TTS TransAir®? Then click here.


zeevracht transocean
TTS TransOcean® | Worldwide Ocean Freight

In close cooperation with our air freight and customs department, TTS TransOcean® makes it very easy for our customers in the field of sea transport. TTS TransOcean was founded in 2017 and stands for complete service of all facets in the field of container transport, customs documents and of course booking the best shipping company at the lowest rates. Would you like to know more about TTS TransOcean?

We can call ourselves a reliable supply chain director.

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