Transport Russia

Transport Russia


If you have customers in one of the world’s largest economies, it is very important that you have a perfectly organised transport to Russia. And that is exactly what we, TransHeroes®, have to offer, the most efficient transports. We are able to organise cargo transport in up to four different ways, so that you always have the transport that suits your shipment the best. For example, by road, but also by sea freight to Russia or an air freight to Russia. And, an increasingly popular form of transport: rail transport to Russia!

– Any form of transport to Russia at the lowest price
– Sea freight to Russia for the largest cargo
– Deliver within a few days with a custom-made air freight to Russia
– Perfect balance between price and delivery time with our rail transport to Russia
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International transport to Russia

Transportation by road is of course a trusted option and very suitable because of the relatively short delivery times. In combination with our extensive range of services, it is even one of the easiest forms of transport. Because we offer you not only freight transport to Russia, but also temporary storage, value-added logistics and assistance with all customs matters. This means that we can take all logistic work out of your hands.

Sea freight to Russia

Do you want a custom-made container transport for your shipment? With our sea freight to Russia, you will be able to outstrip all your competitors. Because both large loads up to a full sea container and small shipments that can be efficiently combined, we can transport everything. And because we can also carry out the transport to the port for you, you will not have to worry about anything at all.

Air Freight to Russia

The fastest means of transport is air transport to Russia. This also makes it possible to reach every location in the enormous country. Because of our many years of experience, we not only have our own experts who send your air freight to Russia flawlessly, but we also have a large network of operators who always offer you the lowest rates. And your permanent point of contact within our organisation keeps you up to date on everything, like all our transports.

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Rail transport to Russia

In recent years it has become more and more popular to transport goods by train. We understand that very well. Because there are now several trains departing to Russia every week, which deliver your rail transport to Russia within a few days. And because the price is so favourable, a train transport simply turns out to be a very efficient form of transport, which we are happy to use for you.




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