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We are TransHeroes | Smart Logistics Provider. You may also know us from the trade names: BTA International, TTS Transport, TTS TransUrgent, TTS TransAir, TTS TransOcean and TTS Customs. TransHeroes provides smart logistics solutions to its customers. TransHeroes is divided into smaller business units where each unit has its own specialism. Personal and committed, but with the overarching power of an all-round logistics service provider. We prefer clear arrangements, therefore our conditions are limited to one page only (and in a normal font). Clear wording, no hassle or bullshit ?, that’s what we like.


2.1.      All our quotations, assignments and services are subject to the most recent version of the Dutch Forwarding Conditions of the FENEX (or simply the FENEX Conditions), as filed with the registry of the courts of Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam. You will find a direct link here. FENEX is the industry organisation for Freight Forwarders in the Netherlands.

2.2.      Freight Forwarding? The term freight forwarding might need some further clarification. We do not execute the transport ourselves, but we conclude transport contracts with preferred carriers or hauliers, whether or not in consultation with you. We do not own any trucks, ships, airplanes or trains. The Dutch Civil Code speaks about a Freight Forwarder: therefore our services are limited to intermediation between customer and carrier. We exclusively organize the transport of goods on behalf of you, our customer. Other terms are: forwarder, freight agent or forwarding agent.

2.3.      To prevent a possible discussion; purely and only these TransHeroes conditions and the FENEX Conditions are applicable. We explicitly reject any other purchasing terms and conditions.

2.4.      If we have a difference of opinion, we will try to reach a solution by mutual agreement. If we fail to do so, a Dutch court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to take cognizance of the dispute. The arbitration clause in the FENEX Conditions does not apply.


3.1.      The transport agreements that we conclude on behalf of our clients are subject to treaties/conventions, laws and regulations. The carriers that we hire for our services apply their own general terms and conditions as well. You might easily get lost in laws and regulations. Additionally, the liability of the carriers is determined based on applicable rules. Such liability is often limited. The limit usually depends on the weight of the goods.

3.2.      Quality and reliability are essential with regard to the selection of our carriers. However, it occasionally goes wrong and damage occurs during transport. As a freight forwarder, we are not liable for damage during transport. Off course we will assist you to recover your loss from the liable party. Usually this is the carrier who has performed the transport.

3.3.      Due to the limits explained in article 3.1, the carrier may not be liable for the full amount of the loss or damage. This may therefore mean that you will not be compensated for the full amount of damage! Obviously we can offer you an additional insurance that covers the full loss. In some cases it is also possible to agree a different limit or a special interest with the carrier for an additional fee. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


4.1.      You want delivery on time, we want to be paid on time. Seems reasonable, doesn’t it? We check the credit rating of our customers before accepting the order. Is the credit rating sufficient? Then you get 21 days payment term after invoice date. Is the credit rating insufficient in our opinion? Then you pay in advance. VAT and/or import duties must always be paid in advance, unless we agree otherwise.

4.2.      Signed waybills, CMR’s and other proofs of delivery will be forwarded to you upon request.



All our transport agreements that we conclude on behalf of our customers are subject to conventions, legislation and regulation. The applicable legislation and regulation is depending on the mode of transport, the loading and unloading place, the appropriate district court and the involved carrier or haulier. You can imagine that the transport of two pallets within the Netherlands is subject to different rules than a temperature controlled ocean freight from Germany to Japan. You might easily get lost in these rules and conditions.


The liability of the carriers with regard to the damage or loss is determined based on the applicable rules. Such liability is often limited. The limit usually depends on the weight of the goods. For your reference, we have stated these limits in the table below. Please note that this limitation refers to the liability of the carrier or haulier that we have hired on behalf of our customers. For the sake of completeness we would like to mention that TransHeroes as a freight forwarder is not liable for any damage or loss with regard to the transport of goods.

ROAD FREIGHT Book 8 of Civil Code of the Netherlands, often supplemented by AVC CMR Convention, supplemented by AVC if applicable
limit: € 3,40 / kg 8,33 SDR* /kg
OCEAN FREIGHT Book 8 of Civil Code of the Netherlands Hague-Visby Rules (will be replaced by Rotterdam Rules)
limit: 666,67 SDR* per collo or 2 SDR per kilo 666,67 SDR* per collo or 2 SDR per kilo
INLAND NAVIGATION Book 8 of Civil Code of the Netherlands CMNI
limit: 666,67 SDR* per collo or 2 SDR per kilo 666,67 SDR* per collo or 2 SDR per kilo
RAIL FREIGHT Book 8 of Civil Code of the Netherlands COTIF-CIM 1999
limit: 17 SDR* per kilogram 17 SDR* per kilogram
AIR FREIGHT Book 8 of Civil Code of the Netherlands Montreal Convention
limit 19 SDR* per kilogram 19 SDR* per kilogram

*SDR = Special Drawing Rights | SDR is a type of exchange rate and is dependent on world exchange rates. 1 SDR amounts to approximately € 1.10 to € 1.30.


Since we work with different carriers, we would like to create some uniformity with regard to the charging of waiting hours. Sometimes it happens that loading or unloading the truck takes a little longer than expected. We use the following guidelines: <3 Ldm – maximum 30 minutes, <6.5 Ldm – maximum 75 minutes and ≤ FTL – maximum 120 minutes. If you exceed the (un-)loading time, we might charge you waiting cost. In general, we charge € 15 per 15 minutes or € 60 per hour with a maximum of € 450 per day. If deviating agreements apply, we will state this in our quotation.


Obviously it can happen that a consignment has to be cancelled. This is what we call a dead freight. It is needless to say that this is very annoying, especially for the carrier that has been selected. He has reserved space and is now left holding the bag. In case of cancellation, we will charge 70% of the freight price for cancellations on the day before loading or 100% of the freight price for cancellations on the day of loading. These percentages are common in the industry.

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