Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions, limits, regulations and applicable laws….It is not easy with all those rules in the world of transport and logistics. What applies when and how do I find my way through the rules?

TransHeroes tries to help you on your way. We have summarised our own conditions in only one A4 sheet. These conditions apply to all business units of the Smart Logistics Group, including BTA International, TTS Quality Logistics, TTS TransUrgent, TTS TransAir and TTS TransOcean.

We follow the industry standard for logistics service providers, the LSC 2014.  For your convenience we have put these on the site -you’ll find them below-  as well as the FENEX (Netherlands Association for Forwarding and Logistics) conditions because we work solely as a freight forwarder. We’ve also made an overview of damage limits and other things that may happen from time to time, such as cancellation of a freight or waiting costs during loading or unloading.

That way we all know where we stand, easy as that!

The common conditions and limits in transport and logistics can be found below, as well as the LSC2014 and the FENEX conditions that are referred to.

We can call ourselves a reliable supply chain director.

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